Fry Factory

Fish Incubation Systems

Perfect for Beginners & Pros Alike

Dramatically improve the number of eggs hatching by modernizing your incubation/tumbling method.

Simply Effective

Just plug it in and switch it on. No need for adjusting air/ waterflows. No lids & suction cups that don’t stick.


Fry Factory is new technology, it moves the eggs in a similar way to the parent mouth brooder. Modernize your incubation/tumbling method. It dramatically improves the number of eggs you can hatch at one time, using a two net system. The automated movement keeps the eggs oxygenated and prevents them from sitting stationary for too long. The device is electric and will automatically move the nets down and up in the water, at regular 50 second intervals, to shuffle the eggs. This shuffling movement mimics the action female mouth brooders use to move their eggs while holding them in their mouth. The regular gentle movement of the nets is much less damaging for the eggs than the unnatural, continuous, tumbling, tossing, bouncing and bashing of the eggs, when hatched in the older style air and water drive incubators. No more need to for adjusting air and waterflows all the time. No need for lids and suction cups that don’t stick. Just put your eggs in the nets, plug in your Fry Factory and switch it on. Hatching eggs is made easy with Fry Factory.

Note: Fry Factory hatches L Number and Corydoras Catfish Eggs just as easily as Cichlid Eggs. 

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